Going Rogue: Resistance in the Age of Appalachian Petro-colonization

From the time of colonization onward, Appalachia has been subjected to the exploitative whims of the ruling class. Blood spilled down the mountains for centuries, culminating in the determined spirit of modern inhabitants of the region. We may be slow to anger, but we will not rest until we set aright injustice. 

The timber, rail, and coal barons have been relentless in their onslaught, stealing our bountiful natural resources for pennies as our people eke out their existences on the narrow margins afforded those able to work themselves to the bone. Perhaps no other state in the region has suffered more at the hands of oligarchical forces than West “By God” Virginia. Subjected to predatory practices, our landscapes have been razed and dynamited for the almighty dollar by out of state corporate landowners perpetuating the colonial paradigm. Citizens find themselves in a state without clean air, clean water, or many opportunities for living better than their predecessors. The damage done by coal and timber companies has now been exacerbated by the development of shale gas, resulting in hundreds of millions of gallons of our freshwater being used in frack wells- water which will never be clean again.

These constant assaults on the landscape are the equivalent to being under siege in a war we didn’t choose, but one we will not back down from nonetheless. The ranks of the opposition continue to swell as new industries join in the destruction of the mountains.

We will not back down.

As dangerous and unnecessary pipelines close in on us, we will stand our ground and hold industry accountable. The natural gas industry has overrun our farms and tainted our wells, attempting to run us out of the mountains, but we’re fighting back.

To that end, I’d like to invite you to join us for the Circle of Protection at Bent Mountain this Sunday, Sept. 22. Registration is required. Resisters from WV, VA, and NC will also be hosting a Climate Emergency: Tri-State Pipeline Strike. We will be occupying the Wells Fargo Plaza outside the Wells Fargo Bank at 26 Salem Ave. SE, Roanoke, VA 24011 on Sept. 23 beginning at 10 am. This is the only pipeline strike in the region, and we welcome all in solidarity.


Like the Phoenix, we will rise

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